EaseUS Todo Backup Server 3.0

EaseUS Todo Backup Server 3.0: Perfect backup and disaster recovery solution for small & medium business. differential & incremental backups and complete backup management tools. It simplifies server backup & recovery management while minimizing server downtime and ensuring business continuity. New features: Differential disk/file backup. One-click system backup & recovery. One-click restore system to dissimilar hardware. Clone/backup dynamic volume. Back up to tape devices. No need for rebooting system after program installed. Main features: Server

Ordinary Differential Equations 1.00: Solves boundary-value problems involving ordinary differential equations
Ordinary Differential Equations 1.00

Solves boundary-value or initial-value problems involving nonlinear or linear ordinary differential equations of any order, or systems of such. The conditions may also be linear or nonlinear. The solution will be a finite power or trigonometric series. You have one-click control of the graph with zooming, panning, centering, etc. The solution may be studied by the POWER & TRIG SERIES program to find roots, extrema, derivatives, integral, graph.

equations, math, differential equations, mathematics, science, ordinary, differential, engineering

Heat Transfer 4.00: Solves Heat Transfer BVP, IVP, IP problems ... has Demo examples.
Heat Transfer 4.00

Solves Heat Transfer BVP, IVP, IP problems. Source code + Output files are included. Calculus (level) Programming makes solving partial differential equations, ordinary differential equations and algebraic equations simple. You state the equations, initial conditions, & parameter values and leave the solving method to the compiler. Equations maybe nonLinear, implicit, any order, any degree and/or constrained.

heat transfer, optimization, boundary value problem, calculus programming, teaching, simulation, engineering, initial value problem, math modeling

ID Backup Manager 1.2: ID Backup Manager provides quality of backups for all your vital files and data.
ID Backup Manager 1.2

differential backup mode - Encrypts using the efficient Rijndael algorithm - Compresses and stores all personal files - Stores backups of Windows drivers Detailed features: - ID Backup Manager makes backups for any kind of file, folder or directory, using time stamps and differential versions according to your preferences. - Stores backups on multiple supports, such as remote FTP servers, network drivers, CDs or DVDs, ZIP, HDD and floppy disks. -

internet, spyware, shield, antispyware, protect, restore, clean, id backup manager, erase, security suite, backup, backup manager, privacy

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server 3.0: Comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution for small & medium business.
EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server 3.0

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server is comprehensive server disaster recovery & system migration solutions for both physical and virtual Windows server environments with powerful features such as fast Server system & files backup, disaster recovery, Exchange Server backup, SQL Server backup, advanced backup scheduler, differential & incremental backup and complete backup management tools. It simplifies while minimizing server downtime.

differential backup, recovery, backup hard disk, full backup, incremental backup, exchange server backup, server system backup software, sql server backup, file backup, software, backup partition, clone disk, server

OpenDDPT 0.3.2: OpenDDPT:founds optimal constrainted parameters of a discrete controls
OpenDDPT 0.3.2

differential equations. Differential equation and systems of differential equations are the natural language trough we can describe any real devices like electronic circuit, automatic controls, elettro-magnetic wave emission or any other engineering problems. The purpose of OpenDDPT project is to build a software that can aids people to build automatically these control devices. The strategy used by this software is based on the concept that differential

digital filter, optimization, taylor envelope, centi riccardo, model, curriculum vitae, libraries, derivatives, taylor series, linear system solver, gram schmidt, fast hessian product, hessian

Algebrus 3.1: Scientific calculator, 2D-3D graph plotter, data analyser, equation solver, ...
Algebrus 3.1

Powerful and extensible computer system for scientific and general purpose calculations. It is simple and interactive means of solving problem in various areas of expertise. Console based scientific calculator, 2D and 3D graphs plotter, differential, algebraic and polynomial equation solver, unit converter, physical constants reference, statistical analysis, data fitting, programming environment, and many more. Or simple calculator of your choice

pascal programming, statistics, technical calculations, 3d graph, constants, equation solving, converters, 2d graph, scientific analysis

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